Saturday, 31 December 2011

December Monthly Subscription Boxes Comparison

So sorry for coming up with this review so late. Christmas has been really hectic and I really wanted to give some thought into who should win this month. And the winner is...*drumroll*...Glymm Box!!! You really can't decide which box to buy next month, because last month's champion is now this month's last place. I really do believe if you don't want to feel any regret, it's best if you just buy all three. So I really feel that Glymm beat its competition by a mile this month even though the scores don't reflect that, but that's mainly due to the fact that there was a lot of tying. I also did not make a category of deducting points for colours of lip products given, or both Luxe and Topbox would have received substaintially lower points than Glymm, but I choose not to do that, because I feel that it is unfair to judge the boxes on the shades that they give us, because they did not see our pictures and have no idea which colours go well for us.

Luxury - Based on the luxe factor of products received:  Glymm makes a great comeback, taking in the first place this month.  The Caudalie and Ahava products that I received in the box definitely ups the luxe factor for December.  Topbox comes in second this month; leaving Luxebox in last place.  The Cargo lipgloss that I received from Topbox is more luxurious compared to Luxebox's Yves Rocher Rouge Dragee Lipstick.

Quantity: Samples Received - Based on the number of samples received: Luxebox comes in first place in this category with five samples, while Glymm and Topbox tie at second place with four samples.

Quantity: Full Size Products Received - Based on the number of full size products received:  Topbox and Luxebox tie at first place with two full sized products received, and Glymm box comes in last with only one full sized sample received.

Range of products - Based on the different products that was received: Glymm and Luxebox tie at first place in this category.  Glymm hit four categories (Skincare, Hand, Perfume, and Lip) while luxebox also got four categories (Body, Perfume, Eye, and Lip) Topbox comes in last by only hitting three categories (lip, skin, and body)

Timeliness - Based on when box was received:  Topbox comes in first place in this category because it was the first box to arrive in my mail.  It comes almost a week ahead from Glymm and Luxebox.  Glymm comes in second place as it arrived a couple of days before Luxebox arrived.


  1. umm... luxurity is NOT a word. Luxury may be a better choice. Also, another category that would be good is if you calculated the monetary worth of each box. I think that would be interesting but of course this is your own scientific evaluation of boxes that are completely different for each person that receives them so really it's only a comparison of YOUR boxes and has no basis for which company is better. And no, I don't work for loose button.

    1. She never said this had any basis for which company is better. It's merely a subjective view on what she enjoyed from the boxes. You need to relax.