Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 Swatches and Review

I was very hesitant when I clicked the purchase button on Urban Decay, because there was a lot of mixed reviews initially. Some loved it, while some did not think that it was worth it because the colours were very similar to the Naked Palette.

Here is the picture of the Naked Palette 2 itself and swatches

Here is the picture of the Naked Palette2

Here is a picture of the palette itself with flash

Here is a picture of the palette itself without flash

Here is a picture of the swatches with flash

Here is a picture of the swatches without flash

I really like this palette, and I am very happy that I decided to purchase the palette instead of waiting till February to purchase the palette from Sephora in Canada. I think the people who decided not to buy the palette probably just read the reviews and made a decision. The pictures of the swatches and the palette really does not do it justice. The eyeshadows have a lot more sheen in actuality than the camera picks up. The eyeshadows have the same creamy consistency as most Urban Decay eyeshadows, last a very long time and do not crease. I think the palette complements the Naked 1 very nicely. I love the Sin + Suspect + Darkhorse and Bootycall + Snakebite + Hustle.


  1. Hi,
    Where were you able to purchase it from because I thought the UD website only shipped within the US?

  2. I bought it off the Urban Decay website. What I had to do was set up an account with which is a forwarding service from the states. After you get your account set up, you will get an address that Urban Decay can ship to and then myus will DHL the product to you.

    So several things you need to be aware of, when I got my naked 2, Urban Decay did not include an invoice and as a result, myus went into a database (eBay if you ask me but they deny it) and claimed that the naked 2 is $100. As a result, I had to pay extra custom on the palette. And since they DHL it to you, the shipping was $30.
    I personally think that it was very expensive handling it through myus, I paid $60 on something that only cost me $50. I looked online afterwards and saw that there are other cheaper forwarding companies such as shipito that gives you the option of choosing USPS which lowers shipping cost to about $15.

  3. I forgot to add that after you get your address from myus or shipito, you have to add the address to your credit card as a secondary address to your credit card as Urban Decay doesn't accept Canadian credit cards. You just need to call your credit card company and say that you would like to add a secondary address because you buy a lot of stuff from the states.

  4. Thanks so much for replying! I'll definitely try shipping through the websites you mentioned! :) And since I forgot to mention it in my first comment, great swatches!