Friday, 16 December 2011

December Glymm Box

My December Glymm Box came in the mail today, and I can't wait to share what I got in it with you.

For December, I received:
- Caudalie - Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask
- Ahava - Mineral Hand Cream
- Yves Saint Laurent - La Parisienne
- Sula Beauty - Natural Lip Gloss
- $10 gift card to Glymm's Beauty Boutique

This is what the Glymm Box looks like

This is what the box looks like when you open it

These are the items that I received this month

So, I really have to say that I am very impressed with this month's Glymm Box. I can't go around saying that Glymm Box is a drugstore-ish version of Luxe Box anymore. I feel like this month's Glymm Box had a lot of luxurious items, and I will very likely make use of their $10 off gift at their Beauty Boutique since I am loving the Caudalie Premier Cru La Creme that I received in their October box.

I feel like the other boxes have really failed expectations this month (don't know about Luxebox yet, since I haven't received mine yet, but have received shipping notice last night). The items that came in the Topbox this month didn't really excite me a lot. In fact, all four products (click here to see what I got) are still sitting on my countertop and I just breeze by them every morning. Luxe Box have apparently been having problems with Canada Post, but I did not even get an email from Luxe Box saying that they were having problems. I don't mind when companies have problems, that's normal course of business, but I do expect to be promptly notified. There were a lot of wall messages on Facebook from customers wanting to be informed because their gifts might not make it to their loved ones for Christmas, while some say that they did not get the extra gift for the expired hair product that they received last month, and of course, no one can get reach customer service by email, wall messages, and telephone as well. I really hope that I get a great Luxe Box this month. Some people have received their boxes already, and it seems like most people got perfume and some other items that didn't really peak my interest either. I will keep you all posted on what I received in my Luxe Box when I get it.

So, what did you guys get in your boxes?


  1. nice review, i got the following Hava hand cream, parisienne perfume, sula gloss, and the ones different from yours are the Lise Watier flash lift cream and caudalie eye cream, this is my first box so i got items that everyone had in previous boxes..

  2. Your pictures are fabulous! I am still waiting for my box (hopefully by the 23rd) or so Canada Post says. I got my LuxeBox and won't be resubscribing as I find that Glymm and Topbox offer better products/service. That and I could't justify all 3.

  3. Forgot to ask what colour gloss you got. It looks a bit darker than some shades other bloggers have posted. I also looked on the Sula site and they retail for $8USD. Which I did a currency conversion on and it came to $8.28CDN.

  4. Hi Lily,

    Do you love the Caudalie eye cream? I haven't tried that one out yet. I took a look at the Glymm Beauty Shop and they don't have Caudalie in the shop, but I took a look at Sephora, and the cream that I got is actually $150 for the full size. Eeekss!! Ya, I won't be getting the Caudalie Premier Cru La Creme, it's too expensive.

  5. Hi Saskmom,

    The Sula lipgloss colour that I got was "in Disguise". What colour did you get?