Friday, 9 December 2011

December Topbox

I am so excited to get my topbox in the mail today. It almost seems like Topbox wanted to make up for their boo boo last month and sent my Topbox extra early! However, I don't think I got an extra item because of their mistake last month even though they said that they will enter a note into the system to remind them to put an extra item in my box. Which is kinda disappointing...but I guess with so many boxes that they have to send put, that is expected. I still need to confirm though because I haven't seen what everyone else got to determine if I got an extra item than everyone else.

This is what I received this month:
- Cargo Cosmetics - blu_ray gloss in Big Sur
- Cover FX - Skinprep FX Primer
- Skinceuticals - Hydrating B5 Gel
- Bella Pella - Marula and Neroli Glyerine Soap

This is what I got

This is what the contents look like with the lipgloss out

This is what my lips look like bare, and this is what my lips look like with the cargo lipgloss on

I am happy that I got the Cargo Lipgloss, it is very pigmented and the colour is gorgeous on my lips!
So, what did everyone get? Are you happy with your box? Leave a comment! :)


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