Monday, 19 December 2011

December Luxebox

My December Luxebox finally came in! I am happy that I got the box before Christmas, but I am a little bit disappointed by what I got.

This is what I got in my Luxebox this month:
- Yves Rocher - Rouge Dragee Lipstick in the colour Framboise Sorbet
- Yves Rocher - Italian Mandarin Shower Gel
- Nina Ricci - L'air Du Temp
- Nina Ricci - L'Elixir
- NYX - Slim Eye Pencil in Black

This is what the box looks like when it comes in

This is what the box looks like when you open it

I love the label that says that the box is made for me!

This is the picture of what I received this month

I personally don't like Yves Rocher because I tried their nail polish, body wash, and body lotion, and I didn't like any one of them, but people have nothing bad to say about the Rouge Dragee lipstick, so, maybe this is a product that Loose Button tested out and thought that it was good enough to end up in my box. The lipstick is suppose to be very hydrating and is infused with musk rose oil. I don't like how the Nina Ricci perfumes smell and will most likely end up as someone's Christmas stuffers.

I thought that the chocolate is really cute though since Loose Button went out of their way to make their own chocolate coin (did anyone catch the silver coin with the Loose Button logo?). According to the card, the chocolate coin is made from imported Belgian chocolate. All in all, the items that made up the box don't really excite me much, but the Belgian chocolate sure made me feel like an appreciated customer.

But what do you guys think? Did I get a good box this month? I think I am one of the lucky ones since I got a full sized product (and the colour does look pretty good to me), but I think I'm really loving the Glymm Box more than Luxe Box this month.

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  1. The Luxe box seems very dissapointing!
    The Yves Rocher shower gels- usually they are ok.
    I like one of their eye creams (green and white tube one).

    I like the perfume Yves Rocher has called Blue Cedar and they have some scented antiperspirant that smells nicer than the drugstore one, like green tea, bamboo,blue cedar.

    But I do not buy much Yves Rocher as the prices have been crazy lately for the quality they sell.