Monday, 26 December 2011

ELF Studio Beauty-On-The-Go Single Palettes Review and Swatches

When I saw this on ELF, I got so excited! I love the concept of switching up palettes and bringing such a small compact in your makeup bag for touchups. It is almost an exact duplicate for Sephora's Colour Play 5 in 1 Palette that was Sephora's Christmas palette last year.

These are the palettes that I bought:
- Night on the Town
- Pretty Picnic
- Shopping Spree
- Happy Hour
- Tuscany Retreat
- Day on the Beach

Unfortunately, the Beauty-On-The-Go single palettes just doesn't deliver in terms of the makeup quality despite it being from the studio line. If you gals are thinking that the product will be as good as the ELF Studio Single Eyeshadows, you are hugely mistaken. I am going to chuck mine into the garbage the second I am done with this review.

The quality of the eyeshadows vary immensely. Most shimmery eyeshadows have great pigmentation but are powdery in general and can not be swatched evenly on my arm. Matte eyeshadows are even worse. I press my finger very hard against the eyeshadow pan and I can not get any colour from it.

The quality of lipglosses are horrible. The lipglosses feel sticky and light colours do not even register on my arm. Darker colours show up as a lighter version of the colour from the pan.

All in all, yes, the palettes are cheap (I got them for $1.50 each because I got them during the Cyber Monday sale), but at the end of the day, what are you going to do with the palette that doesn't perform in a consistent basis? But what I am going to do is keep the palette case in case ELF comes up with palettes of better quality in the future.

If you are determined to purchase one of the palettes, I would recommend going with the Tuscany Retreat palette. Out of the six that I purchased, this palette was the one that showed up the most on my arm, and the pan does contain a pretty rusty colour that leans towards orange rather than red that is a pretty unique colour.

Here's a picture of Sephora's Colour Play 5 in 1 Palette that was available at Sephora last Christmas (Price: I think around $36)

Here's a picture of the palette with the cover closed

Here's the picture of the palette

Swatches of the Night On The Town Palette

Swatches of the Pretty Picnic Palette

Swatches of the Shopping Spree Palette

Swatches of the Happy Hour Palette

Swatches of the Tuscany Retreat Palette

Swatches of the Day On The Beach Palette


  1. Oh! wow!
    Are the swatches a "day after" the beach and morning after night on the town?
    The pigmment looks very washed out.
    I have not tried any Elf items yet- but this makes me want to skip the palettes.

    Also I just signed up for your blog after seeing it on Topbox facebook.
    My blog with reviews of the Topbox items is at:

  2. Did you swatch the blushes too? I'm having a hard time picking them out if you did. Those are what I'm most interested in seeing, but at least here I can see what the blushes actually look like in the pan since the pictures on the e.l.f. are never true to life :/

  3. Also if you haven't pitched them yet I'd totally take them off your hands (and cover the shipping). I honestly don't care how crappy the eyeshadows are, I'm planning on gouging them all out, cleaning out the tins and them pressing my loose pigments in them anyways. (which is why the blushes are the only part I really care about)

    If you do still have them you should email me at sw.musicaddict (at) gmail (dot) com :P