Thursday, 17 November 2011

November Luxebox

My November Luxebox finally came in the mail. I'm so excited to share what I got this month with you!

Here is what I received this month:

Benefit Cosmetics - B. Right! Total Moisture Facial Cream
ELF - Essential Brightening Eye Colour in Day 2 Night
Benefit Cosmetics - B. Right! Moisture Prep Toning Lotion
Olay Regenerist - Wrinkle Revolution Complex
Essie - Nail Polish in Carry On
Teaopia - Cactus Fig Tea with paper filter

This is how the box looks like

This is how the box looks like when you open the box

I love how the box addresses me personally by name!

Here is a picture of all the goodies that I got this month <3

Close-Up Picture of Essie's Carry On

Close-Up Picture of Elf's Day 2 Night

Swatch of Elf's Day 2 Night. I was so excited about the eyeshadow because the colours look so gorgeous in the packaging, but the colour payoff for this palette sucks! I can barely see the colours when swatched. I guess it works if you're going for a subtle look.

Close-Up Picture of Benefit's Moisture Prep Toner

Close-Up Picture of Benefit's Facial Cream

I am disappointed in the ELF eyeshadow that I received in this month's box. However, I do not blame this on Luxe Box, I blame this on ELF. I have tried many ELF products and I do enjoy most of them. I also think that it is great that Luxe Box introduced the Canadian market to ELF's essentials line. Most Canadians know of ELF's studio line through Winners and their essential beauty books from Zellers, but most Canadians do not know that ELF sells their eyeshadow quad for $1. I think that Luxe Box completed their mission of introducing their customers to makeup products that they would otherwise would not try this month (who would want to try eyeshadow that cost $1?) That being said, the people who want to buy more ELF eyeshadow quads would have to make their way to the states or buy them online.

All in all, I love this month's Luxe Box. I can't believe that I got this many products for only $10! I can't wait to try Benefit's B Right Toner and Moisturizing Cream, I hope that it is strong enough for Canadian weather. I am also very happy to receive the Essie nail polish in Carry On. I have seen this colour in advertisement and have seen the nail polish on youtube, and I was gonna go out and buy it! (It's almost as if Luxe Box read my mind).


  1. Yay more benefit products! I wanted to try the skin care line for benefit too, but it was always a bit on the pricey side. Now I get to try it out before deciding:)
    Oh, and have you tried the essie nail polish yet? I heard it's quite difficult to get a smooth layer on.

  2. Yes, I have tried the nail polish already. I think there might be a problem with this colour because this nail polish is a lot thicker than normal Essie nail polishes. It has a very thick consistency which makes it very hard to get a smooth layer on. I had to put on two layers to get a solid layer. And for some reason I can't get to the edges (it's almost as if the nail polish shrinks as it dries, weird eh?)
    Colour also turned out to be more like a dark chocolate brown with purple tint on my hands, whereas it looked like a deep purple in the picture.
    Got your luxe box yet? How are you liking the benefit toner and facial cream? I tried it this morning and it protected my skin very well from the cold weather today.

  3. I got my Luxe box so late...I wasn't at home when they delivered and I so rarely check my mail box. Anyway, I just want to say that I am totally in love with the new benefit products! Especially the toner! It's like a super sheer lotion - kinda reminds me of the night time moisturizer in "The Skincare" line. Good for people with extra extra dry skin like me:D
    I got a different colour of nail polish called the "demure vixen", haha. It's this nudish pink colour that's super neutral - I can barely tell I have it on, except it's a little shimmery. I think it would make for a good day to day colour.
    I found the teaopia kinda of random, but I tried the tea and it was quite good (not soothing nor indulgent). I think it would make for a good tea to share if you have friends over. Do make note to get tea filters though. Time to do my nails! Latez...