Tuesday, 29 November 2011

November Monthly Subscription Boxes Comparison

Here are the criterias that I judged the boxes by with equal weighing. And the winner is...*drumroll*...Luxebox!!! With Glymmbox and Topbox almost tying at second place. I do prefer Topbox to Glymmbox and the scores will reflect that in December's box comparison if Topbox doesn't mess up their shipping again.

Luxurity - Based on the luxe factor of products received:  Luxebox scored a very high score this month because of the Benefit b.right products that I received this month.  I was very delighted to receive the Moisture Prep Toner and the Total Moisture Facial Cream together and I thought that it was very thoughtful of luxebox to put the two products from the same line together for me to try.  Topbox scored second because I received the Deborah Lippman nail polish which is more luxe than the Essie nail polish that I received from Luxebox.  Glymm comes in last in the luxurity score because most of the products that were received this month were drugstore products.  Some might argue that Lise Watier should be considered a luxury item since it is on the pricier side at Shopper Drug Mart, but hey, does Sephora carry Lise Watier?  If Sephora doesn't carry it, then it ain't considered luxurious.

Quantity: Samples Received - Based on the number of samples received: Luxebox comes in first place in this category because I received four samples, whereas, I received three samples from Glymmbox and two samples from Topbox

Quantity: Full Size Products Received - Based on the number of full size products received:  I received two full sized products in all three boxes.  The reason why Luxebox and Topbox tied at first place was due to preference to the full size products.  While I loved the Deborah Lippman nail polish that I received from Topbox, I actually prefer the ELF eyeshadow that I received from Luxebox compared to the Cake Velveteen Hand Crème that I received from Topbox.  Glymm came in last because the RGB red nail polish is such a boring red and the Annabelle eyeliner is a drugstore product.

Range of products - Based on the different products that was received: Glymm comes in first place in this category because it hits the most categories in one box (Nail, Eye Makeup, Skincare, and Hair).  Topbox comes in as a close second because it also hits four categories (Nail, Lip Makeup, Skincare, Hand), but I prefer trying out the shampoo and conditioner from Rahua than the hand crème from Cake.  Luxebox comes in last place because it hits less categories than the other boxes (Nail, Eye Makeup, Skincare)

Timeliness - Based on when box was received:  Glymm comes in first place in this category because it was the first box to arrive in my mail despite the box being sent out from Montreal.  It comes almost a week ahead from Luxebox.  The Luxebox is sent out in the middle of the month and I receive mine almost immediately since I live in the same city as head office of Loose Button.  I receive topbox at the end of the month due to a shipping issue between Topbox and Canada Post.  I would have given topbox a higher score if they had kept their promise of putting in a 5th product in my topbox since I had received my topbox late.  But because the box was not rerouted through Topbox, they never got the chance to put a 5th product in my topbox.  It comes in last because the box was almost three weeks late from Glymmbox and I never got the extra product that they promised me I will get. Albeit, one of the girls from Topbox did say that she made a note in the system and will try to get an extra product in December's Topbox.

Packaging - Based on the overall appearance of the box: Luxebox comes in first place with the sleek black box that encases the products and a personalized sticker on the wrapping paper.  Glymm and Topbox tie in second place since neither fare much better than the other.  Glymm's box is a very sturdy box made out of hard cardboard in Cotton Candy Pink.  I like that the box is very durable, but I don't like the Cotton Candy Pink.  Topbox is a tube with a design on the outside.  It is not apparent what it is unless you open it and you see the Topbox pamphlet inside.


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