Tuesday, 15 November 2011

November Glymm Box

I am so excited to see that my Glymm Box finally arrived in my mail today. I kinda spoiled the surprise for myself because I googled what other people have received. But it's still nice to have the products in your hand and there is still an element of surprise in terms of the colours that you will receive.

What I received this month:
Lise Watier - Flash Lift Radiance Vial
Rahua - Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner
Orlane Paris - Light Smoothing Cream
RGB - Designer Nail Lacquer
Annabelle - Smudge Paint
Jelly beans - coffee and raspberry flavour

This is how the box looks like

Close-Up photos of the beauty products
I received the nail polish in Red, the colour is a classic red
The colour that I received is Muddy

I am a little put off by the name and I think someone from Annabelle should lose their job for naming this beautiful bronze colour muddy. The colour is a metallic bronze that has gold micro glitter in it when swatched. It's a very pretty colour, and it dries very quickly and will not smudge no matter how hard you rub at the colour. The brush that comes off the cap is not the best brush in the world; I still prefer my $3 Elf Small Angled Brush. I would get frustrated very quickly if I had to take the brush apart and put it back together on a daily basis, but this would be a good product to take if you are a traveller looking to travel light.

I hope that my Luxe Box comes soon. I still have not received my email confirmation from Canada Post yet, but I read on Luxe Box's twitter that they have started sending out the boxes yesterday and will be done by Thursday. Hopefully, I get the box in a couple of days, which should be the case, since I live in Toronto. Also waiting for Top Box to come in as well, there was a shipping mishap but Top Box promised to make it right by putting an extra beauty product in the box as compensation which I must applaud their customer service for (in fact, I thought that I was lucky that I was one of the ones that had a shipping mishap :P) Will report back on both Luxe Box and Top Box when I get it, and will do a review on all three beauty subscription boxes to see which one I like the most.


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