Wednesday, 15 February 2012

February Topbox

I wasn't very happy with what I received from Topbox last month, so, it is with hesitation that I open this month's box.
This month I received the following:

  • Yves Saint Laurent - Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils
  • Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat
  • Pari Beauty - Eye Shadow in colour#72
  • C. Booth Derma Skincare - Collagen Elastin Restorative Hamd & Nail Treatment
  • Lillypilly - Kakadu Plum Hand & Body Creme

Even though I was very excited about what I received last month, I didn't really enjoy the products.  The dry shampoo dried out my hair, and left my black jacket and bathtub stained, while the Shu Umera shampoo was too watery and didn't lather up very well. 

So with trepidation, I tried out the Pari Beauty eyeshadow.  And to my surprise, the colour felt nice and smooth on my hand.  The colour is a very vibrant aqua blue, and is a very close dupe to Urban Decay's Painkiller as you can see in the photo. 


  1. I love the eyeshadow colour I just can't pull it off with my colour of eyes. I thought I could but it's really awful on me lol

    1. You can try using the eyeshadow as eyeliner. I really think that it's really cool when you pair a neutral eye with a bright eyeliner. It really catches people's eye and it's really refreshing! Let me know if that works for you :)

  2. yay i got the same stuff as you except a different shade for the eyeshadow! loved this months box :D

  3. That's an awesome shade of blue!

    1. I totally agree, and I can't believe that it's an exact dupe to UD!