Wednesday, 14 March 2012

March Topbox

It's that time again! That's right, the time when companies ship out their monthly beauty boxes! It's my favourite time of my month, just second place to getting my pay check! Haha!

So, Topbox shipped first this month even though it was a couple of days late after getting stuck in the shipping facility at Scarborough.  Here is what I received this month:
  • mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain
  • mark. Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquers
  • Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes
  • Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash
  • Redkin Colour Extend Shampoo and Conditioner
So, I did kinda cheat a little bit and took a peak at what other people got before I got mine.  I was expecting a Cargo eyeshadow in my box, but I was still very happy with what I got.  I have way too much eyeshadow, and I think getting nail polish, mascara and lip gloss all in one box is pretty darn good. 


  1. I got MUFE eye makeup remover instead of mascara & my gloss was the Frilly.
    I enjoyed this box this month.

    Glad I didnt get the cargo eyeshadow not a fan of the company, though the value of the shadow is more than the Makeup remover.

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  3. I have never tried MARK products. Do you like them?
    Btw, love your blog and following now ;) check mine out when you have time.


    Cindy from Toronto