Monday, 30 January 2012

January Monthly Subscription Boxes Comparison

The winner of this month's subscription boxes is *drumroll*.....Luxebox!  This might come as a surprise to some, as Luxebox was extremely late this month, but I really feel that they really stepped up their game in terms of the samples that we received this month.

Here are the scores that the boxes received this month:

Luxury - Topbox scored the highest in this category this month.  I received Principessa, Shu Uemera, and Stila all in one box this month.  Glymm Box scored the lowest this month since I received two Burts Bee samples, and the other samples weren't too outstanding either. 

Quantity: Samples Received - Luxebox definitely wins this category.  Instead of receiving one or two perfume samples like prior months, Luxebox actually gave me a packet of six samples on top other other samples.  Topbox scored the lowest because I only received 4 samples this month. 

Quantity: Full Size Products Received - Luxebox scores the highest scores this month since I received three full size products this month - NYX Lipstick, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil and a Shtick Razer.  

Range of Products - Luxebox scores the highest score in this category this month because they hit the most categories - lips, eyes, perfume, hair, shaving.  Topbox scores the lowest with only hitting two categories - hair care, hand cream, and Face Makeup. 

Timeliness - Luxebox scores the lowest this month, since the box came at the end of the month.  Glymm Box and Topbox tie since they came in the mail on the same day. 

Here is a summary of all the scores for all the boxes so far:

So, so far, Luxebox is still leading the pack with 109, but the other boxes are pretty close.   Next month, I will also be adding glossybox to the list.  So, stay tuned!


  1. I'm so excited for Glossybox!!! I have to wait until March though :(

  2. Hey Girl,

    March will come soon enough :) Just saw on the website that the press boxes got sent out, so stayed tuned to see what I got!

  3. I love this concept...of getting beauty samples in the mail. I was on one of my favorite blogs last week and saw that she joined Birchbox...I'm glad to hear that we have a few choices in Canada.

    I signed up for luxebox a week ago....eagerly awaiting!! :) Great post/comparison.


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